Genetic hair loss or male pattern baldness is the most common type of baldness. Due to this scalp disease, hair follicles shrink gradually. Finally, the disease leaves the hair follicles unable to grow new hairs. As a result, a large area of the scalp becomes entirely bald.
However, experts talk about several treatments to bring the hair follicles back to the scalp but indeed; it is very tough to provide life to the hair follicles again. However, hair transplant in Dehradun is known to ensure permanent results for hair loss patients.

Hair transplant surgery: a brief overview

Baldness affects a large area of the scalp but it leaves the back and both sides to make an area that grows baldness-resistant hairs. These hairs are called donor’s hairs.
During the surgery, the surgeon will remove these hairs and transplant them into the bald regions of the scalp. Transplanted hairs are baldness-resistance. Therefore, they grow in the new areas forever.

Benefits of hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant is permanent:

The best hair transplant in Dehradun is a permanent solution, once the surgeon transplants your real hairs to another place, they will grow with optimum strength and thickness. They will not face hair loss because of their resistance to male pattern baldness. You have to visit the hair loss clinic only once for treatment. After the treatment, you are free to look after your hair according to your wish,

Hair transplant provides natural results:

A hair transplant surgeon will remove your own real hairs from the donor area. Moreover, he will insert the hairs into the recipient area according to your age and characteristics of hair. Therefore, you will get perfectly natural results.

Hair transplant is safe and secure:

Your own hair is used in the surgery. Therefore, your body easily accepts the hair in the other areas. Moreover, no major side effects are involved with the surgery. Negative effects will occur only if your surgeon has no proper skills and experience.

Hair transplant is affordable

You have to invest in the surgery only once and you are free for a lifetime. Therefore, we have to say that it is a cost-effective treatment. You have to use medications for hair loss regularly if you want to keep the results stable. But, you need surgical treatment only once. Moreover, you do not need to make extra efforts to keep your hair healthy. Just a proper diet and hair care rules are enough to keep your transplant hair in good condition.

Hair transplant surgery boosts your confidence:

Low self-esteem and depression are some side effects of hair loss. But, these negative effects will go away soon after the hair transplant surgery. You will get a natural look and your confidence comes back automatically. As you see, hair transplant surgery is extremely beneficial for hair loss patients. If you are sure that your hair is falling due to genetic baldness, you may visit the Luxe Enhance clinic for proper treatment. You will have the treatment at a reasonable hair transplant cost in Dehradun.